Shameless Self Promotion

I don’t think Thomas or I have ever pretended to be good people so it should come as no surprise that if an opportunity for us to promote ourselves comes along we will grab it with both hands.

The Advertiser, Adelaide’s daily newspaper, has started to upload a column found in a weekly liftout. Both of us have written for this column, called ‘Can You Believe It?!’, and if you are interested move past the jump and follow the links to some of our pieces that have found thier way online.

Edit 24/3/10 They just moved to a new home

Edit 5/03/10 – It would seem these have all been taken down. Sorry bout that. Not my call though.

Hygiene hypothesis

ARE we too clean for our own good? Some scientists believe that people in the developed world are more likely to suffer from a range of disorders, especially allergies, because our standards of cleanliness have improved.

Find it here

Vaccination for greater good

TO vaccinate or not to vaccinate? The question vexes many parents but most still go ahead and have their children vaccinated as it is the best defence against many infectious diseases.

Find it here

Beat the sneak virus

IMAGINE a virus that has infected one third of the world’s population; a virus that has killed more people than HIV; a virus that we have no effective cure for.

Find it here



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3 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion

  1. Lyn Byrne

    Wow this website is AWESOME! Mum

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