What do YOU think about DotW?

Hey kids, I told you before that I was going to submit two posts this weekend. I was even going to talk about viruses and stuff. Instead, it’s too hot to do anything thinky, so I’m going to ask you guys for some feedback. Reply in the comments section. Questions below the jump.
Tell me your things!

Do the keyboardy thing and write to me your deepest, darkest thoughts. (Photo taken by Thomas Tu)

As incentive, I’ll be rolling a dN (where N = the number of comments) and awarding one of you a prize that I haven’t thought up yet, in a week’s time. But it’ll be awesome.

  • What do you guys like and not like about the layout?
  • What do you guys like and not like about the content?
  • Don’t you think that Thomas is way more awesome than James? (It’s OK, you can tell me here. He can’t really read, he just makes up the words. )
  • What would you guys like to see from our site? Feedback so far is something about a forum and for me to do rabies.




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5 responses to “What do YOU think about DotW?

  1. Jamie

    “Thomas will ‘do’ rabies” I would like to see that!

    Good job on the blog! You should dress it up with some more background images – its very stark to look at. Unless of course that is the look you have you atriums and ventricles set on 😉

    Spoke to James already, put a disclaimer on the page that is highly visible and is alway present – it will save you headaches! (see http://scienceblogs.com/bioephemera/ for an example).

    You should try to include parasites as well, they cause diseases too!

    A forum probably isn’t necessary, unless you are happy to spend lots of time moderating all the nitwits out there….

    Fellow of the Science Geek association of MBS (Current Membership: Uno)

    • Thanks Jamie. Disclaimer is up. As to the background… I think we are limited by what is allowed for in the layout design. Im looking into it but I think, Until we roll over to a new layout this is what we got. I quite like it though 🙂

      • Jamie

        One other thing you need is a way of tracking the blog – I have seen others where you can become a fan/member and get email updates when new posts are added.


    • thomastu

      Yeah, I’ll set up a fan page on Facebook tomorrow, after I put up my post for the week and get E-mail updates through that happening. James is some kind of Amish luddite who doesn’t use Facebook. Tsk, tsk, tsk…

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