ASC Science Blogging Evening

Thomas and I are super excited because we have been validated! Well nearly. The South Australian branch of the Australian Science Communicators is having an event, a panel discussion on the importance of the scientific blogging community and we have been asked to be on that panel! We have only been at this for a little while but an invitation like this makes us feel we are doing something useful and interesting to someone.

It’s a public event which mean you can and should come along! Do you wan’t to know what we look like up close? Do you have questions for us you want to address face-to-face? Do you disagree with Thomas so much you want to hit him (take a deep breath, it should pass)? Well read the info below and follow the link. See you there!

Where: The Science Exchange, Exchange Place, Adelaide
When: Monday 18 January, 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Cost: free ASC or RiAus members, $5 students, $10 non-members.  Book now online and cash payment can be made on the evening at reception.



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