The Wednesday Post (24/02/2010)

Hi kids, I’m back. And I’m still tired. But the show must go on.

This week I just wanted to update you on the scientific blogging public discussion, of which James and I were panel members. The audio recording of the event has now been put up on the RiAus website and can be found HERE. If you have a spare hour and a half, you should listen to it. Blogging, science, duck penises, it’s all there.

Also Mr. Ashleigh Brook took some photos for me on the night. Below are the not-so-blurry ones.

RiAus! Thank you for having us and giving us free beer.

Us being advertised!

I spent a lot of time eating the free food.

Oh crap, I'm going to have to talk soon, I better wash these down.... It helped me be a bit more sober as well.

Ian was evidently very hard to capture due to his animation

I'm pretty sure James was saying something very unfunny right about here.

Yarr, Cap'n Skellet!

James trying to brown-nose again.





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3 responses to “The Wednesday Post (24/02/2010)

  1. Great pics, thanks Ash!
    TT, did you /facepalm while I was speaking??!!! Shame on you.
    Also those people in the photo I was ‘brown-nosing’, they are my family. Idiot.

  2. murfomurf

    Great that the tape was put up on the Web- I forgot to go into town to the panel after I said I’d definitely attend when my partner had a ghastly day and came home late! It seemed to be pretty interesting and got some good info out in the open and a few opinions aired. It’s funny that the group seems to comprise students (yet to be published, mostly) and older science types who have probably got over a lot of the urgency to publish. This leaves a lack of ordinary working scientists, who are not blogging for a community audience but writing in the style of their favoured journals and not caring what the rest of us make of their work or thoughts! Can we dig up a few more mid-career scientists interested in communicating? Or maybe I just don’t know them! I’ve been forced into early “retirement” but still like writing about health and other sciency stuff for fun and conversation- most of my ex-colleagues are far too busy pumping out the research articles to rope into blogging! A few talk to the newspapers and radio stations occasionally (as I did years ago), but often get misquoted or asked to comment on stuff that’s not their forte- which seems to be an ongoing nuisance.

    • Although I missed it myself there was an event at the RiAus recently talking about the role of mainstream media in science reporting. Sounds like you would have enjoyed it very much 🙂

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