The Wednesday Post (14/04/10)

99 problems and an itch ain't one (Click for big) (Image flying about around the internet, but I found it at The Something Awful Forums-

The above was a billboard put up by a HIV/AIDS prevention group on the interstate out of New Orleans. What an incredible way to advertise STD prevention. Incredible in that I can’t believe that someone would think this was a good idea.

According to this news article about the billboard above: “The billboard features a group of so-called “HIV prevention mobsters,” each with a different gang name linked to a sexually transmitted disease. Names include “Da Gonorrhea Breaker,” “Da Crabs Assassin” and “Chlamydia Crusher.””.

Word to your mum.


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2 responses to “The Wednesday Post (14/04/10)

  1. If only it were this easy.
    /husky voice
    “Call Johnny No Thumbs, we’re putting a hit on Chlamydia. The boss’ genitals demand respect…”

  2. murfomurf

    Maybe this poster is the basis of a well-researched strategy- I don’t know. If someone in Australia wanted to do a similar campaign, I think they would do some research first and discover the sorts of words and images which would achieve a useful response in people who suspected they might have HIV. I know how I’d do it…NOT like the people behind the 5 (veg) + 2 (fruit) campaign!! Even our public health interventions lecturer laughed at that one- he just imagined everyone with their 5 cups of different veg and 2 pieces of fruit sitting there and contemplating what they had to get through in one day!!
    As for the people who don’t think that billboard is “nice”- let them concentrate on their driving as they should!!
    Did you see the “Condoman” posters and cartoons that were put together by and for the ATSI community? I really liked those but parents didn’t like them in Qld/NT schools- oh boy!

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