Call for guest articles!

Hey you,

I’m assuming you’re literate. Good, you’ve met criterion 1. James and I will be getting into the sharp end of thesis-writing soon and, to keep this site healthy during this time, we’d like a bit of your help. If you have something to do with science or diseases to write about and would like it up in bright lights on this blog, comment below or E-mail us.




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8 responses to “Call for guest articles!

  1. mabel

    i envy you both.. already at thesis-writing end!

  2. Uwe

    If we are really lucky we may actually get someone to write about a disease. I won’t be me before you guys get any more ideas.



  3. murfomurf

    Maybe I could try writing about a disease or a nasty germ or something… My one about gout wasn’t very popular in my own blog, but maybe that’s because it’s a health blog, not a disease one!! I’ll have a go! I have loved diseases with exotic names sine I was about 8 and discovered some in the old Pears Cyclopedia!! LOL!

    • thomastu

      Cheers Kay, appreciate it. We’ll sprook your blog as well and see if we can support you with link love.


  4. Jane

    I would be up for some science-related writings. I’m clearly not doing anything in the field at the moment, but I’m still handy with google πŸ˜‰

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