The Wednesday Post (28/4/10)

There isn’t going to be a post today. Thomas has been off presenting science to students and I got married yesterday (yay!!!).
Instead I encourage you to look at the list of links we have on our site and add those blogs to your reading lists. If you have any other good ones let us know in the comments. My personal favourites is Schooner of Science. A very clever blog about science that happens to be written by a pirate. I was also very impressed to see the research blogging tag on Capt. Skellets ‘ship’!
There’s some fantastic blogs out there and we would love to share with you our favourites.



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2 responses to “The Wednesday Post (28/4/10)

  1. thomastu

    Don’t be so quick to judge, James. I can do my job. I’ve even put up 3 posts just to show you.


  2. Arr, ye be one of me favourites too! Congratulations on getting married yesterday 🙂 Yay!!!

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