The Wednesday Post (12/05/2010)

To celebrate our new-found top position in a Google search for “disease of the week”, I’ve decided to look at the more strange search terms people have used to find our blog. Below the fold, there are just a select sample:

what happens when hand wart touches genitals?

(Excellent things happen)

Female ejaculation comic

(I can imagine that someone was very disappointed when they clicked on our link)

people with their guts outside body

disease that turns your body inside out

melting face disease

body hates itself disease

(I don’t think we’ve done any of these diseases yet. James, I think we need to write about them or invent them if they don’t exist)

top layer of gential warth came off, is…

(Sometimes I’m glad that these search terms are limited to the first 40 characters)

syphilis street names

street names for syphilis

(Word is that this mofo’s loco)

what bug do 2 human

(Zug do not know. Zug Internet good think.)

Does sperm cause bedbugs?

(Wait, what?)

Oh Internet, you so crazy.



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One response to “The Wednesday Post (12/05/2010)

  1. “top layer of gential warth came off, is…”
    I think this could become one of those ‘complete the sentance games’.
    ‘top layer of genital warts came off, is…’
    my pants still on?
    Don, is good?

    this is fun.

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