The Wednesday Post 7/7/10

Welcome to the interstate edition of The Wednesday Post as I am in (not so) sunny Sydney! It’s also the major burger chain that rhymes with Backdonalds edition (I cant get free WiFi anywhere else, not even at the event I’m attending!). I’m here for the Australian Society for Microbiology’s annual conference to present my poster “Identification of residues in Cps2C affecting polymerisation and ligation of capsular polysaccharide in Streptococcus pneumonaie”!

Aside from interaction with other scientists in the university this is the biggest collection of scientists (let alone microbiologists) I have ever been amongst, it really hits home how low a rung on the science ladder I am standing on.

I’ve been to some really interesting talks by very interesting people including Nobel laureate Prof Harald zur Hausen who, apart from having a very cool name was one of the first to both predict and prove a link between infectious disease and the development of cancer. I managed to talk to him and his wife after his presentation as well which was pretty cool. There have been presentations on the common fungal pathogen Candida albicans, the ways E. coli and Shigella evade the innate immune system and a short history and outlook for HIV. The other major talk, the Rubbo Oration, was given by Prof Staffan Kjelleberg who spoke about how marine surfaces (algae, seaweed etc.) help establish and maintain specific bacterial communities and why this is important for them and for us. All perfectly good topics to blog about at some later point.

Whilst there has been plenty of interesting things to listen to I haven’t seen much that I can directly relate back to my own project but it is early in the week I suppose.

I’ll be here for the next few days and I’ve organised myself to have a little free time towards the end of the week. In the event that I do get some free time does anyone have any suggestions for things to do and see in Sydney on the cheap? Oh, don’t suggest seeing the bridge and Opera House. That is super lame and touristy, plus I’ve already done that :).


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7 responses to “The Wednesday Post 7/7/10

  1. James Squire

    A suggestion ye long for? Go forth downe King’s Wharf Esplanade, for there ye will uncover my Brewhouse. Good times will ensue.

  2. Sanger

    Set aside two hours and walk along the coast from Bondi beach to Coogee beach.

    Pub crawl down King Street, Newtown. Recommend the Marly Bar, Kuletos, the Courthouse and the Townie.

    Go to the Hopetoun Hotel in Surry Hills for cheap local bands on any night. (I think…there was some kerfuffle about it having to close last year).

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