History of vaccines comes online

This week a site called History of Vaccines came online. It’s been set up by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia and it’s a pretty useful (and accurate) site aimed at both high school students, parents, and teachers. It explains concepts like herd immunity in a good simplified way. We’re so impressed, we’ve put it on our blog roll. Check it out.




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3 responses to “History of vaccines comes online

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    • Ben

      Thank you so much for the shout out and for adding us to your blog roll!

      Anyone else you think we should be courting? We are eager to let people know about our new resource.

      – Ben, History of Vaccines staff.

      • There are two guys you should try and contact in my opinion. If you are on twitter their handles are @edyong209 and @BoraZ. Ed Yong is a really prolific science communicator based in the UK who writes Not Exactly Rocket Science over at the Discover blog network. Bora is the Chief Editor and Community Manager of Scientific American amongst other things including a prolific twtterer. Both have huge followings of largely scientifically minded people. They would be a good start. Thanks fr the resource, very engaging and useful 🙂

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