The Wednesday Post (13/10/10)

Our first post last year was 16th of October, 3 days from today, and Thomas and I are pretty proud of the little blog that seems to have somewhat kicked off better than we could have hoped.

I don’t know that Thomas and I ever discussed goals for the blog but I certainly had some numbers in mind when we started writing. I thought if we could get 10,000 site views in a year I’d be pretty happy. Instead we have, as of yesterday and according to’s stats, reached 22,802 site views!


Site stats as determined by WordPress' stat counter. Month #1 was only a partial month. Up and Up and Up 🙂

Not only have we been bowled over by the number of site views but we have also generated over 377 legitimate comments (more than 1500 if you count spam, I don’t like Spam), a Facebook site with over 250 members which was started for us by Dr. Uwe (HI Uwe!!!) and I have even been prompted to jump on Twitter more recently, so if your reading this and not a member of the FB group or following me on twitter then you should totally do that :). We always alert new posts that way and make it easy for you to share them that way. Speaking of sharing we continue to encourage you to click the buttons on the bottom of each article to spread them round the web. Its very nice to see them pop up all over the place.

We have picked up some nice praise this year from a number of places. We meet people who like the blog occasionally and have made friends with other bloggers such as Lab Rat, Capt. Skellet and Hannah from Culturing Science which has been great. Mr. Ed Yong from Not Exactly Rocket Science has shared a couple of pieces and we have ended up on Bora’s blog a couple of times. Oh yeah and through we have picked up 3 Editors Selections, wooot!

This year on the blog has been pretty awesome and we have every intention to keep going as long as we can. Having said that we want to throw open the doors.

We have had a running offer for people to redesign the header art for us and in return it will stay there for a few months or until someone else submits something we like.

We are also always looking for collaborations, guest posts, comics, video etc. so if you have an idea you want us to run with or have something you want to get onto the interwebs drop me a line at or comment down the bottom.

Thanks for helping us do this for a year and I hope you stick around for the next year. We are looking forward to it.


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2 responses to “The Wednesday Post (13/10/10)

  1. Thanks for the mention! I feel special now 🙂 It’s great to hear your blog has been doing so well, it’s got loads of great writing and deserves to keep going strong.

    We should totally do some kind of collaberative piece at some point, probably after January though as I am madly caught up in three different projects at the moment…

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