One last thing…

before I go; a fitting change to the banner to follow up that last post.

The young scientist (Picture taken by Thomas Tu)

I took this photo during the first Christmas that Dear Analgesic‘s nephew, Quincy, has experienced. I got him some giant plush fleas from in hopes of turning him into an early scientist. I don’t think he was as greatly enthusiastic about them as other toys or even the wrapping. Oh well…





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2 responses to “One last thing…

  1. I’m always trying to turn my niece (3 yo) into a scientist. When we walk place flowers I say “This is a pansy. See, it has two different colours in the flowers. This other one is also a pansy, even though the colours are different, because the pattern is the same. Flowers attract bees so the plant can make baby plants.” Not interested.

    We also play a game where I spin her around in the air, and she frequently wants to spin ME around. She can’t. Then she requests that we BOTH spin around in the air at the SAME TIME. I’ve tried many times to explain the physics of this impossibility with no avail.

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