The serenity of a lab

On new year’s day, I entered the lab having just been on a holiday at a beach shack. Fully refreshed and in an absolutely silent lab, I felt at peace. I needed to set up an experiment and the exciting potentiality of its results reflected the potentiality of a new year for me (hopefully the one in which I will be submitting my thesis).

Like a tea ceremony, I filled tubes with familiar reagents, each with their own personality in my mind. It didn’t matter if the results were what I wanted or not; the performance of the experiment was the most important thing at that particular time. I took a photo to represent what I was feeling at the time.

Lab-time serenity (Photo by Thomas Tu)

Anyway, happy new year! Hope it’s less crap than the last one.




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13 responses to “The serenity of a lab

  1. Mim

    I’m a bit sad the glasses don’t fit into the banner. I like how they look in black and white. The full-size photo does look strangely tea-ceremony-esque.

  2. Is potentiality really a word? How is it different to plain old potential?

  3. Commander Espresso

    Such a beautiful post; such a depressing ending.

  4. James Mk 2

    Feeling a bit OCD at the time? Also, can I be James Mk I now that other scoundrel has run off?

  5. Xien_Rue

    Happy new year too! I start this year rather badly, namely stomach upset. Until now, I still feel nausea. A crap start indeed – _-
    I hope you enjoy your lab work. I am myself dreading the day when I should start my thesis experiment. This stomach really dampens my mood lately …

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