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Guest post – Lupus: Disease of the weak

Our first guest post of the blog. Matthew Higgins is doing a PhD in the same building as James and I, after going through undergrad and honours with us. He works on a particular protein involved in breast cancer that may be souped-up to make super cancer or something: it’s immunology, what do I care? He also often comments around these pages under the guise of “lumpage” (Yes, now I’ve revealed your secret identity!). He lives on The Ranch Dressing. Maybe you should read that.

"About the author: Matthew is devilishly handsome, but spoken for. Thanks for asking." (Photo taken by Thomas Tu)

I love House, the T.V show. It’s great. A fine example of scientific reasoning and deduction condensed in to an improbably short 42 minutes. Oh sure, never in the history of mankind has a medical team been so capable that are so diversely and broadly skilled that they can single-handedly perform every medical and scientific test themselves. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the show. At the end of the day the cast is just as attractive and amiable, and the patient who just seems to go from moral dilemma to medical dilemma repeatedly generally lives. We all go home happy right?

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Shameless Self Promotion

I don’t think Thomas or I have ever pretended to be good people so it should come as no surprise that if an opportunity for us to promote ourselves comes along we will grab it with both hands.

The Advertiser, Adelaide’s daily newspaper, has started to upload a column found in a weekly liftout. Both of us have written for this column, called ‘Can You Believe It?!’, and if you are interested move past the jump and follow the links to some of our pieces that have found thier way online.

Edit 24/3/10 They just moved to a new home

Edit 5/03/10 – It would seem these have all been taken down. Sorry bout that. Not my call though.

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