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The bacteria in your belly Pt. 3 – Disrupting the balance

ResearchBlogging.orgIn the previous two posts we have established how the microbiome is established and then the pressures the host puts on it to maintain a balance between the required functions and the commensal bacteria providing them. In this post I want to look a little deeper at what happens if this balance is disturbed or never properly forms at all. Continue reading


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Crohn’s Disease – Your Body Hates Your Guts

Your body goes to great lengths to protect you from the outside world. From your subconscious hinting that jumping a motorcycle over the Grand Canyon might be a bad idea all the way down to killing pathogens before they have a chance to harm you, your health and safety is pretty much a full time job. Occasionally the body gets a bit caught up in fighting the enemy and we get a little collateral damage. Crohn’s Disease is when your gut takes one for the team.

WARNING: Some potentially nauseating pics of the gut after the jump

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