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The Wednesday Post (13/10/10)

Our first post last year was 16th of October, 3 days from today, and Thomas and I are pretty proud of the little blog that seems to have somewhat kicked off better than we could have hoped. Continue reading



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Viruses Vs. Bacteria – Debate Rebuttals



Thomas and I will present our rebuttals below. Feel free to read through them, the original posts which can be found here and here. After taking in both arguments vote for the winner on our first poll. Or just skip to the poll, it’s your vote to cast as you wish 🙂 Continue reading


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What do YOU think about DotW?

Hey kids, I told you before that I was going to submit two posts this weekend. I was even going to talk about viruses and stuff. Instead, it’s too hot to do anything thinky, so I’m going to ask you guys for some feedback. Reply in the comments section. Questions below the jump.
Tell me your things!

Do the keyboardy thing and write to me your deepest, darkest thoughts. (Photo taken by Thomas Tu)

As incentive, I’ll be rolling a dN (where N = the number of comments) and awarding one of you a prize that I haven’t thought up yet, in a week’s time. But it’ll be awesome.

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Hepatitis B virus – Remember the vacuum cleaner

This week I’ll be puting up two posts because I like the look of you, kid. First up is actually a repost of my Advertiser article (a similar version of which had also been published in an issue of the Adelaide University student rag On Dit 2007) on my pet virus Hepatitis B virus. I only got one piece of feedback and that was from a Mrs. Fay Towill.
Remember the vacuum cleaner.

Remember the vacuum cleaner. (Photo taken by Thomas Tu)

Mrs. Towill rang me up at work and also thought it necessary to send me about 50 pages of her own research, including: some highlighted and annotated interpretations of The Quran (specifically bits concerning jihad and hypocrisy); photocopies of other science-related articles (concerning fish sex changes and pain pill addiction); photocopied letters from the office of The Hon Jane Lomax Smith MP and Sir Mark Oliphant (from 1986); and some pages on phycho (sic) physics. I now present to you, the reader, her annotated copy of my article. It’s fairly amazing. You can download it as a .pdf down the bottom of this article or just read on pass the jump for a typed out copy.

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