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Genital warts – Death through immortality, immortality through death

Ok, I was typing up a quick Wednesday post, but I ended up not very happy with it and tore it up. So I’m just going to post up a previous DotW that I wrote for On Dit. It is also being syndicated here at Science Creative Quarterly, which you should also check out.

Spurting viruses from your crotch

I’ll start by saying warts irk me out. Perhaps not as much as jellyfish, but they’re up there. It really sucked researching and looking up pictures for this topic; I hope you all appreciate it. In fact, appreciate it even more that I didn’t include any pictures of any warts in this article.

Nevertheless, science is not about personal preference or being irked out; it’s about the truth, even if it makes you mildly nauseated. You must accept it warts and all, one might say. Not me though, I would never stoop to such a base level of humour. Continue reading



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