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The Wednesday Post (24/11/10)

This post is a bit of a cop out. I hadn’t planned anything because I was going to re-spruik my most recent effort at the Scientific American.

This time I wrote about the role a bacteria, nematodes and insects play in glowing war wounds. You can find the post here and of course my previous post is still here. Both can still be shared using the not-so-fancy share buttons at the bottom.

Once again thanks to BoraZ (@BoraZ for twitterers) for inviting me to contribute.



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Insect Death and the ‘Angel Glow’

Who said DoTW! could only do human diseases? Why are you so special huh? Insects get sick too and someone has to care. I care. Also, by showing some sympathy about insect diseases maybe I will survive the invasion and subsequent enslavement of the human race by our most welcome and superior Insect Lords. I pledge to humbly serve thee.

Feed my Lord, grow strong

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