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The bacteria in your belly Pt. 3 – Disrupting the balance

ResearchBlogging.orgIn the previous two posts we have established how the microbiome is established and then the pressures the host puts on it to maintain a balance between the required functions and the commensal bacteria providing them. In this post I want to look a little deeper at what happens if this balance is disturbed or never properly forms at all. Continue reading


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The bacteria in your belly Pt. 2 – Adults


In the last post I talked about babies eating poo how babies develop a gut flora. In this post I wanted to look at how that flora matures into adulthood.

As a baby grows it interacts with its environment and after about a year an infant’s flora will resemble their parent’s. This becomes particularly important as the baby starts to eat solid foods and no longer survives on a milk diet. Now any and all bacteria can have a shot at colonising. So what shapes the bacterial population from this point onwards? Tolerance dictates this uneasy state of play. Continue reading


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Viruses Vs. Bacteria – Debate Rebuttals



Thomas and I will present our rebuttals below. Feel free to read through them, the original posts which can be found here and here. After taking in both arguments vote for the winner on our first poll. Or just skip to the poll, it’s your vote to cast as you wish 🙂 Continue reading


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891 ABC Radio gets Diseased!

Just thought I mention I ended up on 891 ABC Radio today. It was a bit of a last minute thing but they wanted to have a chat about an article I wrote a little while ago. Anyways, was fun. Got to sit in an actual radio studio which was kinda cool. If they provide me the link (which I have asked for) I will post it up here.


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Can You Believe It?!?

Hey there guys just a little update. I had a piece placed into the EducationNow section of the Adelaide Advertiser! Check out Pg. 30 for my article called “The tiny bugs that keep us healthy”. Its an article on the history of probiotics and the transition from its use as a preventative therapy to an active treatment. Anyways, I’ll link to it when it goes up on the AdelaideNow website.



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