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Third hand smoking – Can we ban this poison already?

I’m not going to write a post on why smoking is bad, it’s too obvious and if you don’t understand why then your probably never going to find this post anyway. I’m not even going to talk about second hand smoking, ie. blowing your death cloud at me on the street. Again it’s obvious why it’s bad and may even be worse than smoking the cigarette itself as second hand smokers don’t get the benefit of a filter. No, this post is about third hand smoking, a fun new way smokers can harm those around them long after they have butted out. Read more here…

Yeah. That looks healthy.


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The Wednesday Post (21/4/10)

YUM!!! I want to inhale me some of that!!! (http://www.flickr.com/photos/saudi/7110085/)

Cigarettes just keep getting more dangerous for you.

A paper published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives has shown that as well as being full of the dangers we knew about (carcinogens etc.) they are also full of potentially pathogenic bacteria.

It’s been known for a long time that smoking gives you a greater chance of cancer and a huge range of issues including respiratory infections and pneumonia but this study found the actual pathogens were in the cigarettes.

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