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The bacteria in your belly Pt.1 – Babies


From one series to another it seems. For the next few of my posts I want to look at how the gut flora develops in infants and changes throughout life. We have mentioned the gut flora before but its role in maintaining the human condition is becoming more involved the more we look as we find that the bacterial hitch-hikers in our bellies are not simply the parasites they were once considered to be.

In this post I shall discuss the development of the gut flora in infants and its role in determining paediatric disease but in future posts I will talk about what happens when this process is altered and the adult microbiome.

Pictured: Science

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How do vaccines work Pt. 1


Continuing with my sub-series on vaccines this week I am going to have a bit of a look at the theory behind how vaccines do their jobs inside us. Continue reading


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