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The Wednesday Post – (8/12/10) Sad Face Edition

Hello again followers of DOTW. I bring mixed news.

Given that Thomas and I are approaching the end of our PhD’s we have decided to make a few changes to DOTW and the way it appears right now.

Don't be sad puppy!

First off, Thomas has told me that as he will be writing his thesis very soon he will reduce the time spent on the blog. Thomas can comment on this further but this is the responsible, sensible thing for him to be doing and good on him for being responsible and sensible.

I on the other hand have decided that while I write my thesis I want to try something new and forge my own path. I contacted the good people (actually it seems like just one person, Edward the magnificent) at Field of Science about starting a blog within their community and was allowed in! I will be moving to a new home at Disease Prone which will eventually be rolled properly into Field of Science. Right now it appears as a stand alone site but a few weeks from now it will sit alongside blogs like our friend Lab Rat’s and other great blogs like Skeptic Wonder and The Curious Wavefunction!

For the next few weeks I will continue to post sporadically here while Disease Prone is set up properly but even then I will continue to post here occasionally in the future and Thomas may even pop up over at my new digs with the occasional post.

So this is not goodbye as much as it is a note notifying you of my new mailing address. I will still put things on the Facebook page and still have a twitter for you to follow so you’ll definately still see me around. To make sure though you can always go and subscribe to Disease Prone to ensure you recieve every post.

Thanks again for all the support that I have received here at DOTW and I hope to see you again soon, here and here 🙂


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The Wednesday Post – Saturday edition (27/11/2010)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that HIV-AIDS is one of the biggest killers worldwide. About 2 million people each year are killed by HIV. Imagine an endless line of family cars riding up a volcano. Once every minute, a car containing 3 or 4 men, women or children drive off the lip of the crater to their deaths. This is what HIV is doing every day. How can we stop this senseless death?

Lining up to die (Photo taken by Thomas Tu)

If you’re in the Melbourne area, you’re in luck. On December 1st, a public forum hosted by Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise is going deal with the current state, problems and potential solutions to worldwide HIV-AIDS control. Everyone who can should go to this event.


What – Let’s talk HIV prevention! – A public forum

When – 01 December 2010, 16:00 – 18:00

Where – ICT Theatre 1, ICT Building, 111 Barry Street, University of Melbourne, Parkville

Who – Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise, the University of Melbourne. Presenters include: Professor Stephen Kent (University of Melbourne), Prof Tony Kelleher (UNSW), Mike Kennedy (Victorian AIDS Council).

Facebook linkhttp://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=lf#!/event.php?eid=143529485696517

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The Wednesday Post (17/11/2010)

Staying with the non-diseasey theme…


Love intestines, but hate the smell of poop? Add coriander!

People eat some strange things. Pigs’ large intestines in the form of the soul food “chitterlings” is one of them. Unsurprisingly the cooking of faeces-containing organs releases quite an unpleasant odour. I guess this is why herbs and spices are so valued. A recent study by a Japanese group have found the a compound in coriander that neutralises the smell of boiling poop.

Strange foods at a Taiwanese night market stall, including ducks' tongues, pig's blood and beef tripe (Picture taken by Thomas Tu)

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The Wednesday Post (10/11/10)


We try to not be alarmist here at Disease of the Week but two papers were brought to my attention by a PhD student in the discipline (this one and this one). The first response to a new paper should be that the researchers have moulded the current understanding and made some new insights. I have never approached reading papers this way, to my own detriment it must be noted. I always expect each and every paper to have changed the world.

With that preamble I present two papers WHICH CHANGE OUR UNDERSTANDING OF IMMUNOLOGY AS WE KNOW IT! Continue reading


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The Wednesday Post (03/11/2010)

Just a quick one today. Polio was a hugely disabling worldwide disease. Now with the help of the polio vaccine, we are on the cusp of seeing its eradication. This article gives a first-hand account of what it was like to live in a world with rampant polio: the fear, the segregation, the children struck down and sometimes permenantly disfigured. Really interesting stuff.






Polio: The deadly summer of 1956 by Patrick Cokburn (1999) – http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/features/polio-the-deadly-summer-of-1956-2117253.html

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The Wednesday Post (27/10/10)

This post was chosen as an Editor's Selection for ResearchBlogging.org

With Halloween around the corner I thought I’d have a look to see if there was such thing as ‘Halloween Disease’. There isn’t it would seem but there seems to be a lot of literature showing links between Halloween and flares in celiac disease severity and diabetic diagnoses. But I did find one other paper that I thought was interesting.

Science blog + Halloween = DNA carved into a pumpkin = WIN!

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The Wednesday Post (13/10/10)

Our first post last year was 16th of October, 3 days from today, and Thomas and I are pretty proud of the little blog that seems to have somewhat kicked off better than we could have hoped. Continue reading


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