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Viruses are (NOT) objectively better than bacteria – DOTW Throwdown


Thomas approached me long ago with a simple yet misguided premise; viruses are objectively better than bacteria. I’ve been playfully criticising virology for years and it sounds like I finally broke him. In any case we went back to our respective corners to put forward our respective cases. We each wrote our own arguments separately and next week you will hear our rebuttals. You got to read Thomas’ attempt at an argument last week so without any further ado…

Viruses are objectively better than bacteria. Nah, not really.

There are many ways I can attack this topic but intend to concentrate on just three. Bacteria are better at killing you than viruses, better at helping you live than any virus and are better for the environment than any virus could be. Continue reading



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Tuberculosis, Vampires, Speckled Eggs, Kings and a Nasty Cough

Tuberculosis is serious shit. I don’t resort to that kind of language unless I have to, but for TB, it’s warranted. Over a third of the world’s population is expected to carrying the bacteria responsible for disease, it kills approximately 3 million people every year and 2 million of those deaths come from the developing world. I told you it’s serious shit.

There are so many cool posters from the anti-TB campaigns – You must Obey the Rules of Health

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